·          Aerial Photography

·          Digital Orthophotos

·          Photo Enlargements

·          Topographic  Maps

       Standard / Metric

         Mylar / Cad disks

·          GIS Layering

·          Photogrammetric Cross Sections

·          Planning, Cost analysis and Implementation




Hardware / Software


·          KLT Atlas Operating System

·          Photo Lab

·          IBM/PC Compatible Computers

·          Wehrli RM-4 Photogrammetric Scanner

Project Lists

·          Pentagon, Washington, DC

·          Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA

·          Baltimore Zoo, Baltimore, MD

·          Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Lusby, MD

·          Mt. Sunapee Ski Area, Sunapee, NH

·          NYS Olympic Authority, Lake Placid, NY

·          Veterans Hospital, St. Louis, MI

·          Okemo Mountain, Ludlaw, VT

·          Washington International Airport, Washington, DC

·          Homestead Airforce Base, Homestead, FL

·          JFK Airport, New York

·          Rose Haven Sewer Alignment, Anne Arundel County, MD

·          RT 7 Improvements, Danbury CT

·          Cumberland County Landfill, Newville, Pa

·          MTA Railway / Pen Camden, Baltimore, MD

·          Richmond International Airport, Richmond, VA

·          CIA Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

·          Brooklyn Park Water System, Anne Arundel County, MD

·          Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

·          McAllen–Miller International Airport, McAllen, TX

·          Sussex County Airport, Georgetown, DE

·          Cunningham Falls, Frederick, MD

·          Tri-State Airport, Huntington, WV

   Potomac Aerial Surveys, Inc. was founded in 1966.  Honesty

and integrity are the foundation upon which this service oriented company has been built.  Accurate topographic maps and quality service are the basis of what we provide for our clientele.


   Potomac Aerial Surveys, Inc. utilizes the highest quality electronic technology. Digital softcopy stereoplotters provide an arena for precision digital data collection. High quality aerial photography and accurate field control provide the client with a quality mapping project guaranteed to meet National Map Accuracy Standards.  Licensed VA Photogrammetry.


   Years of experience and professional service have provided our clients with reliable and precise topographic maps prepared to their complete satisfaction and specifications.  These same years have provided us with an excellent reputation and many friendships. Company references along with  form 330 are available upon request.



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